Welcome to the Cyber-Physical Systems Laboratory (CPSL), a dynamic research group in Industrial and Systems Engineering at Wayne State University.

Our Focus: We focus on fundamental problems that revolves around advancing the integration of mathematical programming and data analytics in cyber physical application domains, including energy, mobility and manufacturing. Our research lies at the intersection of Industrial/Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Operations Management.

Our Ecosystem: CPSL is thankful for its partners in academia (Georgia State, Oklahama State, Rutgers, Groningen, Georgia Tech, among others), national labs (Argonne and Sandia), and industry (Ford, Engie, Ontario Power Company, CB Solar, Ideal Energy, Waves4Power, Ocean Energy, among others). Please see below for an overview of the ecosystem.

Our Projects: To date, CPSL’s projects are supported through $4.54M in funding with a personal share of $1.15M. This funding amount excludes any in-kind contributions, software donations or any relevant soft money that may be associated with the projects. We are grateful for the support of National Science Foundation (NSF), Department of Energy (DoE), Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), Ford Motor Company, and Michigan Translational Research & Commercialization (MTRAC). Take a look at our research and projects: Research.


April 2022

DOE funds our proposal titled ‘Prognostics Driven Operations, Maintenance and Inspection for a Sustainable Energy Infrastructure (PROMISE) - Developing Maintenance Decision Models for Marine Energy’

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